Solar Shade: An Effective Solution for Windows to Overcome Heat and Glare

If you live in Singapore, you know how vital it is to take care of your windows, either of your car, home, office or marine craft. Owing to the tropical climate and blazing sun throughout the year, it becomes oftentimes difficult to cope with the intense heat and glare it brings. Every now and then, most of the residents, office personnel and drivers are looking forward to an effective solution to bypass the scorching heat and glare they encounter on their daily routines. And, there is – solar shade.

For those who want to avoid the problem of glare and heat through their windows, solar shade makes the perfect choice. Solar shade helps to block the scorching radiations of the sun whilst letting you enjoy regulated light and a more enhanced view. Owing to their high adaptability and sleek design, these solar shades have become increasingly popular in the market nowadays. So it is the right time to cover your windows with solar shades to enjoy their innumerable advantages in the long run. Look at some of these advantages to ascertain your choice for having solar shades installed on your windows.  

Energy Savings on Air Conditioning:

Solar shades are made with specific types of materials that cut down the heat intensity of light by up to 90%. Installing these solar shades help to minimize the interior temperature so that the air conditioning units don’t have to work for optimal hours. Excessive strain on cooling and additional expense on energy consumption can be easily avoided through solar shades.

Stay Away from Glare & Skin Problems:

The blocking of utmost level of glare and ultraviolet radiations from the sun helps occupants and residents to stay protected from the harsh effects of UV rays on skin that include skin cancer, tanning and sunburns. These solar shades also let you enjoy your favorite movie or do the regular work that can be affected by the disturbing glare of sunlight.

Protection of Belongings & Upholstery:

By blocking the harmful radiations of the sun, solar shades also protect the furnishings as well as upholstery of the interiors from harsh effects like wear, discoloration, cracking and fading over time. Moreover, solar shades also perfectly blend in with the aesthetics of most designs to enhance the stylish appearance of the interiors.  

A Distinct Level of Privacy:

Privacy is also one of the major advantages of having solar shades in your vehicle, office or home. The person on the other side of the windows will not be able to peek inside, limiting their view to only their own reflection, while the person sitting inside will be able to get a clear look of the exteriors. No more opening and closing of blinds. See outside whenever you want, to your convenience.

We have listed down for you the most useful features of having solar shades for home, office or vehicles. So if you too want to enjoy the advantages of this specific kind of window treatment, look no further than     to choose the best solar shades for your home, office or car and get a no obligation quick call by dialing +65 6288-8323.